PRAYER: Lord, teach us to remember that You have given us unique gifts within that no one can master the way that we can. Remind us of the lessons that are needed in order to birth forth our visions and dreams in the wilderness. Help us to remember your Word and to write it on our hearts.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Deuteronomy 6:4-8, Habakkuk 2:2

Today, I found myself on my couch on a quest to figure out what my heart desires. You know, my desire in developing into the fearfully and wonderfully made woman that God has called me to be. I found myself watching some of the Women of Faith, the Generals In Stilettos who are fighting off that mean old dragon; but yet, still birthing forth the most amazing stories, visions, and dreams. As I sit here, I felt my passion and desire ignite within minutes again. I realized that no matter what life may bring my way, I have a story deep down in the pit of my belly that no one could ever tell better than me. As long as I have breath in my body, I am able to give and share with others everything that is buried deep within my heart. What a humble honor and privilege it is to be able to carry and birth forth such a beautiful vision. My story, need I say more?

I found myself on the quest today to simply trust more, to love myself more, to figure it all out one more time. I found myself having a better understanding of my wilderness, learning that I am in the right place at the right time. I have the opportunity to figure out that my wilderness is not where I will die but it is where I will thrive. The beauty behind the vines is that I will not only thrive but I will survive. You have to get yourself in position knowing that you serve a God that will see you through. He will not let you die by the wayside. No, He will carry and see you through to the other side. So, how will I know that God is with me? I simply do one thing. I simply remember. I remember where I have been. I remember where I am going. I remember the One who made a way out of no way. I remember my story. I remember whose mighty hand held my scared, confused, tired, and sometimes insecure and fearful hand. I simply remember. I write the Word of God upon my heart. I wear the Word of God around my neck. I embrace and fill my cup up with every Word that God has to offer me. His Word is real and it is very true. Many have lived by such powerful teachings and instructions.

As I sit on my couch, I am reminded to look at my writings as my own unique craft. I am reminded that I must give myself room to grow and to develop. And to not give up on that area of my life. You know the area of being a student. We have to let down that notion that we have arrived. Have you really? More so, you are on your way to your next destination, in hopes that the lessons that you have learned, will follow you on the next journey that seems to await you. So, as I sit here I must honestly say I enjoyed my day far more than I have in a while. I had the pleasant opportunity to feed my spirit man, to grow and develop, to learn a few lessons, and to embrace the art of my very own craft. Truth is, I had an amazing day. Relaxing and embracing the life that God has blessed and gifted me with. I don’t take any of my life for granted. In fact, I cherish it deep within my heart.

Today for me my friends simply was about doing the things I enjoy doing in the mist of my rest. No matter what you do in life always do what makes you happy. Always keep a smile on your face while sharing the goodness of the Lord with others. Most importantly, always remember God, the lessons, and where He has brought you from. Have a wonderful and blessed day as you continue to write your story!

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