PRAYER: Lord give clarity and better insight to those who may have questions or concerns on this topic. Let everyone who reads this be more sensitive and accepting of others views, opinions, ideas, and beliefs. May your name be glorified in the mist of it all.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 5:17

I happen to be sitting here and I came across an article that talks about the LGBTQ community and how there is a struggle with being accepted within the faith of the Christian community. While this can be a very touchy subject, I felt led to point out a few things from within the faith of the Christian community. Let’s first begin with where we are in the Mental Health Profession as a whole. Considering the milestones for the LGBTQ community, it has yet to have been a century since the milestones have come to lime light. With anything that you experience in life, change is difficult to accept and embrace.

When dealing with the faith of the Christian community. There are standards that are set in place, historical content and context full of beneficial advice for every day living, and biblical principals outlined throughout the Bible that a Christian is expected to adhere to. So how do you take someone from the LGBTQ community who desires to follow in the faith of a Christian community and make it work? Truth is, you cannot! Like anything in life their are rules and regulations, guidelines, and all sorts of stipulations put into place that make it difficult for a standard to be changed. So now what?

This is a very good question. It seems that acceptance is what is wanted and really what is needed. So how do you handle the pastor or leader in position of the faith of the Christian community? You don’t. Leaders are put in place for a purpose and for a reason. And no matter how much you desire to get rid of the leader or make the leader disappear, you simply cannot. So now what? Some of you may have experienced harsh rebukes, experienced embarrassment, or may have walked away feeling alone, hopeless, or even helpless and being who you feel you are. Truth is, no one should ever be put in any of those positions. You are still an individual, you still have your rights, and you still should be respected as a person.

So what do you do when you feel like all of those things have been taking away from you? There are several positive things you can do. But what you must keep in mind is that you are trying to be accepted by a group whose standard does not play apart in your lively hood. Does this mean that God does not love you? Absolutely, not! Does this mean that if you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior that you have changed and become a new creature? According to the word, it absolutely does. Is any of this a hard and tough pill to accept and swallow considering that you love the Lord with all of your heart? Indeed it is.

You see, that is what Christianity is all about. It is about change and becoming a new creature (2 Corinthians 5:17) in Christ Jesus. Will it be difficult to change your ways to follow the standard that was written millenniums ago. Absolutely, like finding a needle in a hay stack. Can change be done? Absolutely, but you have to desire that change (Psalm 37:4). Will you always get it right? Absolutely, not. You may accept Jesus into your heart right now (Romans 10:9) and you very well may try to change. But, like with anything that involves habitual behavior, it takes time. Sometimes a lifetime to get it right. It is not something that will happen over night. You will need accountability. You will need to connect to support groups within your community. You will need to accept that this is your journey with Christ and understand that not everyone is going to agree with you while you try to get it right. Now, I’m talking genuine effort.

Now, let me back track a little. If you were to join a fret or sorority do you enter in and begin to tell them that the way they are doing things is wrong? Would you tell them that they are poorly trained as leaders of this organization and that there is a different way? Or do you do like everyone else, follow the tradition, get in line, pay your dues and become apart of a brother and/or sisterhood. Again, it is the same with the faith of the Christian community. You cannot take millennium teaching and learning, change it to what you desire, to better suit what you desire. It’s not that easy and definitely not going to happen overnight or in a way that you would like it to work.

Now, let’s talk about feeling offended and being defensive. Should you feel like so? Everyone is entitled to how they feel. You are not wrong for feeling offended if someone offends you. You are not wrong for defending yourself if you feel the need to stand up and use your voice. There is absolutely nothing wrong with speaking up for yourself. Now, what I will speak on is pastors and preachers with there rebukes. You can be rebuked in private or in public. Being rebuked does not mean it is the end of your walk in your faith with Jesus Christ. It simply, is a wake up call. Again, if you desire to be apart of something you have to follow those who are in authority whether you like them or not. I’m not saying be brainwashed or to take abuse of any kind. I’m saying if you desire to be apart of anything you must respect those in leadership and those who are put in position to do what they are called to do. So now what? It is good to seek advice from a professional who can assist you with your challenges that you face concerning being accepted by a particular faith.

Now, you may not agree with anything that I have said so far. And, that my friend is quite okay. You are always welcomed to feel the way that you feel because you matter. You have a voice that should be heard too. Now, does it mean that all hope is lost? Absolutely, not. It does mean that the LGBTQ community is new in the lime light. It also means that a lot of work will need to be evolved and put into place concerning being within the communities. Yet, you must not take it personal when you are rebuked by leadership of a group you desire to be apart of. I’m not saying take spiritual abuse. I’m saying be ready to not be accepted up front. Understand that you will have to fight stigmas and fear of the unknown from others. Understand that you will have to respect the standards of the Christian community and in turn when they come into your territory they have to respect you and your decisions as well.

There is no shades of gray. You either are LGBTQ or not in the faith of the Christian community. In the LGBTQ community there is shades of gray. You cannot change the hearts or minds of others. Please, whatever you do, don’t try. People have to want to change for themselves. Or you just won’t get the full growth and development that may be necessary at that time. You can stand firm, educate, and inform others. Will God accept you as you are? Absolutely! Will society? The more the milestones the more your voice will be heard. Does that mean that the faith of the Christian community is going to change their standard and views to accept you into their faith? Absolutely, not! Will the right Christian who genuinely sees your efforts and sees you want to change or even stay the same love on you? Absolutely! Not everybody is called to walk the journey with you. I cannot emphasis that enough.

Just because there is a standard that was written millenniums ago that we still abide by doesn’t mean that you should not be or feel loved. No one should be mistreated as a person. So choose your circle of friends wisely. And know, that the walk as a Christian believer is not going to be easy. You will get rebuked for anything that is considered as a sin. Accept that, especially if you desire to be apart of the faith of the Christian community. It is hard and it involves a lot of change concerning your inner man. Can you do it? Absolutely! The question is will you do it despite all the odds that may be stacked against you? Will you follow Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savoir? That my friend is a question only you can answer for yourself. Remember: God loves you and so do I. Stay blessed, get connected, and know you are not in this thing alone. Many Blessings!

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