Rekita obtained her B.S. in Psychology with Emphasis of Substance Abuse at Regent University located in Virginia Beach, VA. Rekita is a Qualified Mental Health Professional for Adults (QMHP-A) through the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Health Professions. Rekita is studying her M.A. in Counseling at Hampton University, with a concentration on Pastoral Counseling. In addition, Rekita is a Licensed Optician through the Commonwealth of Virginia, Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation.

She enjoys writing on her blog “Epiphany Encounter” in her spare time. She enjoys sharing a “Prayer” and a “Verse of the Day,” to help with the understandings and teachings of her writings. She enjoys spending time with her family and her friends. In her spare time, she enjoys ministry and spiritual training, watching the latest movies, and listening to music. She also enjoys using her creativity by making flyers, banners, quote cards, collages, and business cards. Rekita enjoys writing and has a book available on Amazon, “Her Words of Wisdom.” She has in the works many writings that she looks forward to releasing.

Rekita hopes that Epiphany Encounter will be a place where individuals can find comfort and hope with a little conviction to better change their hearts and minds for the greater good. She enjoys interacting with individuals who desire to grow personally and spiritually in their every day journey called life. She is open to shares, likes, donations, comments and suggestions. She enjoys interacting with individuals with whom she can share not only her own content but possibly share the content of others and their great works as well.

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