Welcome! I am delighted to have you join my blog Epiphany Encounter. I have found some very interesting things concerning my own personal growth and development. My goal in this blog is to gently provide a place of comfort and hope with conviction in your everyday growth alongside of me. I hope that Epiphany Encounter is a blog that you find interesting and are willing to share with all of your social media sites.

Life has enough challenges of it’s own and I briefly apply biblical principles and teachings along with my own short stories and messages for inspiration. I simply share and use my own personal experiences, teachings and principles that I have learned throughout my educational journey, as well as messages from those who are more experienced in ministry then myself. I hope that what I share with you will be accepted with an open heart in knowing that we both are growing and flourishing more and more on a daily basis.

Please feel free to share, like, donate, comment, and make suggestions that you may feel will better help me and others as we embark upon this journey. I look forward to interacting with you.