PRAYER: Lord help us to remember that the giant is not bigger than us but a figment of our imagination. Change the lenses of how we see ourselves. Give us more clarity as we “try” for our victories.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Numbers 13:30-33

Whenever I get the urge to come on here and write I find myself always getting side tracked. I find that life pulls me away from the very thing I enjoy doing the most, writing. If it’s not studying, turning in a paper, or doing a presentation, then it’s getting through my progress notes for my clients. Life! It will have you pulling your own hair out of your head if you are not careful.

One thing I will say is despite my busyness I must stress the importance and the emphasis of taking care of ones self. This week has been a week where I have had to look at the very thing I so often try to suppress, my health. O’ don’t go looking at me like you dot every “I” and cross every “T”. For me, my health has always been a struggle. A battle. You know a giant that I just do not want to face. It’s too…it’s too…it’s too…genetical. There I said it! It’s genetically complicated. Every time you turn around you have to balance some imaginary scale to meet some number that classifies you as healthy.

Those who truly know me, know that I ain’t got time for the confusion. Yet, as I sit and I look back over my own health challenges I realize that maybe I need to change my mindset. Maybe I need to not be the perfectionist that I am and begin to “try”. Don’t act as if you have never had a moment when you just don’t want to “try” because it’s too much. Well what if I told you that the “try” goes a long ways in the long run. Sure you may not get it all right but we serve a God who does have it all right. What if that is all God wants and needs you to do, simply “try”. Try to do what you can the right way. Try to change how you see the giant you are facing. Try to do things differently for a change. Simply try and see what the the end results will be.

We get so caught up in the “what if’s,” the “should’ve,” “would’ve,” “could’ve,” that we simply forget the “try” and just see. We are so focused on the “possibility” that we fail to focus on the “here and now”. Focus on today! Stop worrying about tomorrow and start living for the things you can do and change today. Your decisions you make today will determine your outcome for your tomorrow. I cannot stress that enough! So be encouraged my dear friends. Take a moment to look at those giants in your life. You may come to see that the very thing that you feel is a giant is only a mere grasshopper, especially when you “try”. I wish you the very best in all of your endeavors. Just keep in there and remember to take it a day at a time. The decision begins with your “try”. Be blessed in all that you do!

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