James 1_12PRAYER: Lord when life hits us give us the strength to withstand. Remind us that you are here with us even during the mist of You molding us into what You desire for us to be. Help us through our CHALLENGING TIMES.

VERSE OF THE DAY: James 1:12

Life seems to throw everything that we can imagine our way. Sometimes it hits us with such an unexpected blow that we don’t have the time, strength, nor the willpower to recover from such a blow. Some will say that it is from the adversary and others may say that it is the hand of the Lord shaping, making, and molding our lives. Truth is either way, once we are in it then it is very difficult for us to get back up again. Sometimes we will find our lives being turned completely around. It is in that moment that we must recognize that God is here with us. We must find and regain our strength in Him. Some of you may ask how?Isaiah 40_29

The way that you gain your strength in God is by understanding your relationship with Christ. Understanding the reason why Christ came to this earth for us. Next, you have to remember that you do not carry the weights and burdens that you face alone. You must turn it over to Christ. You have to become dependent upon Him with every move and every step that you make. You then have to have faith. Not just faith the size of a mustard seed for that is bare minimum; but, you must really believe that God is going to see you through to the other side of this mountain or valley of pain. Lastly, you have to trust and believe that God has a brighter future for you. You have to believe that your today is going to be better than your yesterday. It is doing this, that you are able to regain your strength.Psalm 37_17

Stay grounded and rooted in the word of God. You are going to have to gain your strength through devotional readings and teachings. You are going to have to meditate on His word day and night. Once you see and believe that God is with you then you will regain your confidence back. You will then reach a realization and know that God will see you through. Be encouraged and allow God to be your strength during CHALLENGING TIMES.

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