imagePRAYER: Lord, help us to not be conformed to this world but help us to keep our hearts and minds stayed on You. Help us to understand that our strength comes from spending time with You and being in your presence.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 119:15

Meditating on the things of God can be a challenge in a society that seems so chaotic. There are so many stories on the news and social media sites that it’s hard to trust that God is really here with us. What I have noticed is that although we do have technology it is very important that we don’t let technology take over our lives. God desires for us to walk in abundance, to be fruitful, and to give us what He promised us. The trouble is we often times find ourselves no longer believing in God’s words but believing in societies words.

I’d like to encourage you today to not be so consumed in the social media outlets. Instead find other things to do with your time. There are so many other things that are available and at our finger tips. I’m not saying you have to live under a rock and not enjoy the beauty of technology; I’m saying that you should consider other avenues to stimulate your mind. While social media seems to be the thing to do just keep in mind there are other things to do too. Don’t let technology become an idol without you realizing it. Be careful to stay committed to serving the Lord wholeheartedly. image

When you are in a relationship with someone it requires that you spend time with that person. It is the same with God and being in His presence. He needs your time and He desires for you to meditate on His words so that you may gain the strength that you need to withstand the worries, concerns, and fears that plague this world. God gave you a promise and He wants you to know that He is fulfilling and going to fulfill that promise just for you. You have to stay in relationship with Him in order to believe what He is saying to you.

imageFor example, if a person tells you constantly that they love you and they spend time with you then you begin to believe their words. If a person says I love you and you see them every now and again, it may become difficult for you to actually believe their words with no actions behind those words. It is the exact same way when we are spending time with God. The more time that we spend with Him the more we are able to see that God truly does love us. We begin to see that He is just not saying those words but that He genuinely does mean them.

So I encourage you today to disconnect a little more often from social media and turn off the news to spend time with God. Now I’m not saying don’t watch the news, but I’m simply saying don’t let it be all of what you feed your spirit man. Eventually, that will become apart of your spirit man and your psyche. Instead, fill your spirit man with the word of truth and the book of life. God desires to spend some time with you. Let Him!

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