All-Things-For-Good-Romans-8-28PRAYER: Lord help us to recognize that the plans we had originally are subject to change. Help us to realize that You can see what lies ahead of us and help us to trust You in that. Allow us to put our faith and trust in You knowing that all things are working together for our good.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 8:28

Have you ever found yourself making plans and all of a sudden all of your plans fall through. Nothing seems to be working out right or turning out right according to your plans. You find yourself getting frustrated because you had it all mapped out and then  all of a sudden life happens. We begin to get discouraged and we start to doubt God because we just knew that what we mapped out was apart of God’s plans. What if I told you that what you experienced was actually all apart of God’s plan? What if what you sat down and prayed about or for was actually what you and God sat down and agreed to? You ask yourself then, why is our plan not working like we discussed? I mean He showed you scriptures, you fasted and you prayed, and now all of a sudden those plans are not going anything like you expected. detour

Well through my journey, I have realized that sometimes when we sit down and map out our plans with God their are a lot of different things that may occur on the other side that we do not see. For example, whenever you are blocked from something or whenever you feel like their is something ahead that you cannot get to or do not have assess to, like an accident up the road ahead then we become confused and frustrated. Majority of the time the road block is so that you do not interrupt what is going on up ahead and so that you are not involved with something that may not be meant for you to be involved in. This causes you to have to take a detour. God is the type of God that will not leave you nor forsake you. He is also the type of God that protects His children from hurt, harm, and danger. When you are under the blood and covenant of Christ Jesus things may occur that are simply just not meant for you to explore or tap into. It doesn’t mean that your friendship with Christ is untrue or that your plans were not accepted in His eyes. It simply means that there was a CHANGE OF PLANS.If God changes your plans it is because he has better ones for you

I encourage you today to not get discouraged, have fears, worries, or doubts in your God. Know that He is an intentional God that knows exactly what He is doing. He is a God who can see ahead beyond what you and I can see. He is a God who can protect us from the dangers and destruction that lies ahead. Be mindful that the enemy is trying to destroy you and God’s original plans too. So don’t get frustrated or be irritated any longer if God simply protects you from the hand of the enemy. Know that God is working things out for your good because you love Him. He knows what is best for you and He will never put you on a pathway that is not good for you. Be encouraged and know that it’s simply a CHANGE OF PLANS, a simple detour before you arrive and reach your destination.

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