StormPRAYER: Lord lead us through to the other side of this storm. Bring forth the awareness that is needed to help us be a better version of ourselves for You. Give us strength to seek the help that is needed that we may live and not die in this storm.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 107:29

Life has a tendency to throw us into the mist of an unwanted and unplanned storm. Devastated, afraid, confused, frustrated and so many other emotions are entailed when a storm comes our way. Often times these storms can be so serious and so severe that they can be classified as a crisis. What is a crisis? A crisis is an unplanned loss or gain that produces change in one’s environment that may lead to emotional instability, grief, shock, danger, or trauma. While this is my very own definition of a crisis, it is no surprise that most of our lives are shaped around a crisis. Some of us are aware and some of us are not aware. Awareness is often times not present when people face what I call the “emotional roller coaster,” which is often emotions that are unstable or overwhelming. crisis

If you find yourself in this state it is so imperative that you seek professional help in getting through these emotions. So often we have this mentality that we can handle it by ourselves. We have this mentality that we can do this on our own. While there are some things in life that we can deal with on our own a crisis is not one of them. A crisis is more intricate, more detail oriented, and needs way more attention than the basic storms that we face. It is very important that you seek help from someone who is professional and well trained in this area who has the skills and the tools that you need to take you by your hand and lead you to the other side. No matter how much we may think we can make it to the other side alone it is so important that we don’t try to make it on our own. There is something about unity, walking together, being one with one another that births forth something inside of us that we cannot get on our own. counseling

Our world is falling apart not because God is not with us or because of fate or mere accidents. Our world is falling apart because people are not aware of where they stand. Some of us are holding on by a mere thread one step from having a nervous break down, we are one step from losing our natural minds, we are one step from snapping and breaking down. So for the sake of your sanity and for the sake of those you love, as well as others around you, take the time to CHECK YOUR PULSE. Take the time to let life know that despite the change, despite the “emotional roller coaster,” despite the feelings of being alone; let life know that you are not alone and that you are, will, and can get through this and make it to the other side. Your mind maybe cloudy and your heart maybe flooded with emotions but just know that God, as well as, those who he has called to specialize in leading you through to the other side are here for you. Trust them to guide you appropriately. Don’t hesitate to switch who leads you if you do not find yourself making progress or if you feel uncomfortable. You have to participate and you have to want to get to the other side of your crisis more than anyone else. growth

So be encouraged today. Accept your awareness and do some further mental health awareness and research for your own personal growth. Allow a professional counselor to lead you through to the other side. Don’t lose hope and don’t give up now. You have come too far in life to give up now. God has so much in store for you and sometimes it takes the crisis to help you CHECK YOUR PULSE and cry out LIVE! May the hand of the Lord cover you during this season of your life. Know that you are not alone for America is crying out with you. The difference is you are aware and you have the power to change your crisis for the better. Your life matters and it makes a difference to us all. May our God bless you and comfort you as you make it through to the other side of this storm.

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