False IdolsPRAYER: Lord forgive us for not seeing the idols that are in our lives that replace You. Bring us back to You that we maybe pleasing in Your sight. Help us to tear down those false idols and continue to show us your unconditional and unfailing love for us.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Leviticus 26:1

Often times when we mention idols we think of some statue in which we bow down to on a daily and consistent basis. Truth is, an idol is anything that takes up your personal time and space from being with or in the presence of God. How often do we find that we are in the presence of many idols? We listen to our music which can be a distraction from God. We watch our favorite series or episode that could be taking us away from spending time with God. We praise and give glory to people by putting them on a pedal stool when we know that God is the one who sits high on the throne and makes our enemies our footstool. It is for that we should be gracious. We go around unknowingly and we place things before God without His permission. Sometimes we have things that we enjoy doing but those things are to be done after we have spent time with God. goldencalf

I encourage you to think of all of the things that you can cut back on or possibly dismiss from your space that may be a distraction from you being in the presence of God. Ask yourself does it take up too much of my time? Could I be using that time to become more familiar with the word of God? Could I be using that time to encourage my brothers and sisters in Christ? These are all questions that we need to ask ourselves. If we have things that we do place before God it is up to us to tear down those idols. They are not going to help us grow or prosper deeper and more intimately with God or even within our lives. So look out for those idols that are blocking you from your blessings and being connected with God.

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