do-to-othersPRAYER: Lord help us to follow in your footsteps in treating our brothers and sisters how we desire to be treated. We know that when we do this you will hear our prayers too and bless us.

VERSE OF THE DAY:  Luke 6:31

How often do we find ourselves mistreating others and can actually confess and admit that we were in the wrong for how we conducted ourselves towards them. Majority would not confess their wrong doings but they still will desire to ask God to bless them and send them what they need when they need it. God is no respecter of persons. In fact, He is a God who has laid out a book of laws and rules to adhere too and gives us the free will to chose how we are going to behave. One of the commandments that God desires for us to do is to treat others how we want to be treated. As a Christian we are to look at our brothers and sisters through the eyes of Christ and treat them with respect.

Blue wall

We are to be more selfless towards others constantly being of service to others. The question should be how may I help you rather than how can you help me. We should continue to walk in the love of Christ. Christ lived a life that surrounded him around people that he loved and cared for. If we are Christians than we should be a reflection of Christ. We should not take our brothers or sisters for granted. We should continue to love on them and in return we should trust that God is going to shed that same type of love down on us.  Be encouraged today. Love on your brothers and sisters in Christ knowing that love is what Christ is all about.

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