Be Still_Psalm 46_10PRAYER: Lord allow us to be still during this season of our lives. Bless those who need time to be still and allow them to breathe and touch on the quietness of the heart, mind, and soul.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 46:10

Often times you will find yourself at a lost for words. So much may have gone on and you may be so overwhelmed with emotions that you just can’t seem to find the words to say. There is something about operating in silence. There is something about being quiet before the Lord and allowing Him to minister to you. There is something about humbling your heart before the Lord and allowing Him to move and work things out for you and on your behalf. There is something about getting God’s undivided attention and not having to say a word. Sometimes your tears may say enough. Sometimes your fears can speak for you. There are times when you breath, inhale, and exhale every breath that it is all of the words that one may need to say.

Profile of a couple of man and woman breathing deep fresh air together at sunset

I encourage you today to operate with silence. Don’t operate using silence against anyone but operate with understanding the beauty of silence. Operate with knowing that you don’t always have to say a lot. Sometimes your presence alone says a lot. Silence can be golden if it is used during the right timing. Allow God to move on your behalf out of the stillness and the quietness of your heart, mind, and soul. Allow yourself to be still knowing that God is going to work out everything that you may need. Remember to whisper to God in the silence of your prayers. Allow your thoughts and your words to flow from your heart as they touch the heart of God. He hears you even when you don’t have anything to say. He loves you and He desires to be with you. Allow the stillness to reign in your life until God tells you to move.

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