psalm_149_3PRAYER: Lord lead the way as we dance together during this life. Teach us how to tango with you and how to trust you as you show us which way to move and turn.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 149:3

Dancing with destiny means that you are not afraid to tango with the Lord. So often we find ourselves dancing around from different ideas, visions, and dreams and we never really get a chance to experience that true date with destiny. We are often times either late, not appropriately covered, or we just don’t know how to perform the dance like we should. We need instructions and we need guidance. We need our partner to step in and take over while teaching us a thing or two. We need our partner to teach us things like which move to make, when to turn, when to pause, and where to catch our breath to breathe. So often we neglect that Christ is our partner during this dance called life. We fail to allow Him to take the lead and show us which way to go on the ballroom floor. How much graceful and well mannered we would be and how professional we would look if we would just take our partners hand and dance with Him.

Ballroom dancers in dance studio, low section

I encourage you today to take the time to think about the areas that you need help or assistance in. Maybe you don’t need assistance but you simply need a good challenge to birth forth that idea, vision, or dream. Take the time to dance “One Night with the King”. You will recognize that dancing with the King will allow you to be a better partner and better prepared for when you step out on that dance floor. Remember, that practice makes perfect and if you desire to get to that place then you will have to trust that your partner knows exactly what He is doing. Besides, he has been doing this for centuries. I’m sure that whatever He has or need you to know He will graciously show you or place the right people in your life to give you the proper training in that area. Trust your partner on that ballroom dance floor. Allow Him to lead the way. Let Christ lead you in the way that you should need to go.

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