John 14_26PRAYER: Lord when our backs are against the wall don’t let us hide behind the mask, instead send us the Holy Spirit for comfort.

VERSE OF THE DAY: John 14:26

If you have ever found your back up against the wall you know that it is not a good feeling. You know that feeling like you are trapped or you have no way of escape is not a good feeling to have. You will see that all you desire more than anything is to escape the realities of your own truths. There is nothing wrong with escaping your truths but there is a problem with not accepting your truths. Wearing a mask or putting on a different face when you see yourself in the mirror is not going to change where you stand at that present moment. It takes you looking deep within yourself to realize that there is something greater on the inside or you that help you through the fears in which you face. You have the Holy Spirit inside of you that will give you the guidance and the focus you need to get through your day.When-Your-Back-Is-Up-Against-The-Wall

Trust that the Holy Spirit will and can carry you through anything that you maybe facing. You don’t have to face it alone all you have to do is rely on the Holy Spirit to make a way of escape for you. You no longer have to hide behind the mask. You no longer have to face your circumstances with your back up against the wall. God is with you and He has sent you a comforter to be with you through it all. Be encouraged and allow the Holy Spirit to manifest in your heart an renew your soul.

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