PRAYER: Lord allow us to recognize your power and your hands upon our lives. Help us to not throw in the towel.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 91:4

Life can put us in a position to want to throw in the towel. It is important that you don’t get discouraged and that you don’t lose your insight and focus along the way. Although we desire to relate and we desire to have others empathize and sympathize with us, there will be times when others don’t quite understand what it is that we need or are asking for. Let’s face it some people do not walk in our shoes. They maybe able to relate but this does not mean that they are fully able to understand what it is that you are going through.  We must be careful not to rely on man but to rely on God. God desires for us to talk things through with him. He desires for us to sort through our problems with him.

God will fight for you. Think about what you are up against and what you are going through. Don’t be so quick to throw in the towel without first consulting and talking it over with God. You may need to change your approach to better assist you in what you are dealing with. Take your time to assess and evaluate the situation more thoroughly. Know that your life is in Gods hands and that no matter the outcome God can turn it around just for you. So be encouraged and know that you can get through this. God is covering you under his wings. Stay there and allow God to work it out for you.

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