PRAYER: Lord help us to remember that You are here with us. Help us to see that You will see us through our test and trials. Qualify those who feel unqualified and those who receive rejection make them stronger for their upcoming yes.

VERSE OF THE DAY: James 1:2-4

Today God wanted me to let you know that you are an exception to the rules. Don’t be so quick to place yourself in the unqualified pile when you are more than qualified to accomplish any and everything that you put your heart to. There will be times when you feel like you just don’t meet all of the criteria that is necessary to make it. Remember who made you. God made you multiple gifts and talents. You are his creation and what may seem like an obstacle for you right now doesn’t mean that you won’t qualify to make it to the other side.

God knows that the tests and the trials may make you feel bad. Being rejected and feeling like you are not good enough can all lead you down that path. Just remember that your rejections actually qualify you. They qualify you because you are now capable at handling what it means to be told no. You are now fearless at that word. You are stronger now than you have ever been before. So keep in mind that when you don’t feel qualified or when you are rejected that it doesn’t mean that you are not the person for the task.

Allow God to move you to where he desires you to be. You will find that you are right where you need to be. Trust God to move you through this season of your life. I am a living witness that the storm will not last always. You will begin to see brighter days. Make sure you are prepared for when the sun comes out and shines again. Remember you are more than qualified.

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