PRAYER: Lord help us to wait for the things that our hearts desire and to know that your timing is divine.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 40:31

How often do we want something really bad but we just cannot have it at the moment? Either our money is not right or it’s just not a major necessity at the moment. The hardest thing when you want something bad enough is the wait. Waiting is supposed to increase your level of patience, strength, and endurance. If we are honest with ourselves it usually makes us more weaker, impatient, and greedy if we are not careful. This usually leads us down the wrong path because we struggle with maintaining the discipline that comes along with the wait. Sometimes waiting is not about you not being able to have something, some times it’s about having that discipline. Once you grasp discipline your life is able to function more smoothly. Things are not so chaotic and out of order. Simply waiting can allow you to be debt free and think clearly before you spend. These are all disciplines we receive when we wait. I know that it seems like it’s taking a while. I know you want it right here and right now but sometimes waiting for it is the better alternative. In the end you will see that it was really worth the wait.

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