PRAYER: Lord allow us to make changes in our bad habits. Once we find those bad habits and make changes give us the power to be consistent for our new habits. May we find favor with You and continue to be pleasing in your sight.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 12:2

Life is all about change. If you are active or not life has a tendency to have changes that can at times be uncontrollable. There are also times when we have the power to make changes when things are not going our way. These changes may set us at a higher place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Take a few minutes to see what it is that you need to change in your life.

Sometimes we have a tendency to hold on to bad habits. We just simply do not want to let go of what it is that we like. Sometimes what we like is not always what is best for us. It is at that time we have to make a conscious decision that we need to change. There are also those times when we have to seek God to help us change. Sometimes will power just is not enough. We have to be willing to lean on a God who is capable of taking us to where it is that we desire to be. Sometimes we simply cannot do it on our own. Image result for change and consistency quotes

When you are thinking about what it is that you need to change then you must learn to be consistent. Consistency allows you to do things even when you don’t feel like doing it. It puts you in a place to handle what needs to be handled. Consistency is a key principle that can be applied to just about anything that you do in life. Take time to learn to be consistent in all that you do. Will it be easy? Absolutely not, not at first. But like anything if you do it long enough and more and more, eventually it will become natural and turn into a good habit. Lean on God and allow Him to help to make the change while being consistent.

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One thought on “MAKE THE CHANGES

  1. This post is so true and accurately describes what I’m going through in trying to cut dairy and sugars from my diet. I know it’s best for my health but will power alone isn’t cutting it. I need God’s grace and strength to make the change and stick to it. Thanks and be blessed.


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