PRAYER: Lord raise us up to be better leaders and servants of you. Help us to better students than we were yesterday.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 43:10

There is power in leadership but there is even more power in servitude. Every good leader knows what it takes to be a servant first. You can’t possibly know how to lead anyone if you have not yet had the experience of what it means to feel lost or uncertain at some point on your leadership journey. Those who lack in this area find it very difficult to serve others. They often times are arrogant or may be considered as one of those bad bosses. They may even fail at teaching because they believe they know it all and that they cannot be taught anything from someone in a position lower than them.

Being a leader requires humility, meekness, and being teachable. You must always remain a student first. How else will you teach someone who is coming behind you if you never have a few lessons of your own? It’s doable, yes. But you in order to achieve positive outcomes you must be teachable from your own students and peers. It means you have to let down your pride. Pride cannot be welcomed in the office of your heart. This can be a leaders downfall. No one wants a leader who is too good to do the trench work. So I encourage you today to think about where you stand as a leader and as a servant. Who do you answer too outside of God? Who is pouring into you and teaching you? Who is building you up and sharpening your leadership skills and abilities? Think on these things and get in position to be a better leader and servant. Even Jesus had to serve the people. So, not only will you find fulfillment but others around you will as well.

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