PRAYER: Lord allow us to seek You and meditate on You. Show us our reflection of who we are to others and who we are to You.


You realize you are full of many imperfections but you don’t understand why everything around you is turning from sweet to sour. There comes a point on this journey of life where you must have a reflection of your life. You must try to have a better understanding of what is sweet and how it remained over what is sour and how it changed. During your reflection take the time to think about the people you have hurt, disappointed, neglected, etc. It becomes a point that is very critical and vital for where you are headed in your future. You realize how imperfect and human you truly are and how your own flaws affect the people that you love most. So what can you do differently? How can you have a better approach? Will they forgive you? If not, how can you move on? 

Keep in mind during your self-reflection that your outlook on life may be different but is it out of arrogance or out of genuine curiosity? Are you open to what others have to say concerning you? Can you apply their feedback to help better sharpen who you are in your self-reflection? While we strive to do our very best sometimes our very best brings forth more harm than good. Think on these things and understand that your self-reflection of yourself matters. It is a personal and in depth level of growth for you. Sure you may not like the end results but what if you could change the end results of your findings and begin to receive the very things your heart desires in your life.

Today be encouraged and allow God to assist you with this assessment. Ask Him to open your eyes to what you are blinded to. Ask Him to give you clear instructions on how to fix what you need or how to maintain it. God won’t leave you in this on your own. Seek and meditate on His scriptures daily and you are bound to find the answers to your concerns. Striving for the sweet is always better than tasting the sour. Wishing you many blessings on your self-reflection.

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