PRAYER: Lord allow our selfie’s to reflect you. Pop up in the pictures of our lives. Give us a SELFIE STICK to view our lives at a better angle.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Jeremiah 29:11

If you could take a selfie of your life what would it look like? If you could put your life on social media with one selfie who would it be a reflection of? Would if reflect a life of Christ? Would your background to your selfie be in order or would it reflect chaos and madness? How about a selfie a day? Would your life show who you are as a man or woman who is after God’s own heart? How about the friends that you are around the most. Would your selfie reflect positive or negative friends? Would your environment be of peace or would it show calamity? Would your selfie be false advertisement of the way you really live your life? You know what I mean, you are a Christian on Sunday but Monday through Saturday you do what it is that you want to do when your not in front of the camera or on display. Would you even want your life to be printed off at your local convenient store or placed on a CD for all to see?
We are living in an age where technology is our lively hood. We depend on technology for just about everything, from starting our own cars to downloading the latest songs off of iTunes. Technology for the New Millennials is all that matters, especially with social media. I challenge you today to step back and take a selfie of your life. Re-evaluate and see is this the life that displays Christ? Now, I am not talking about unforeseen circumstances that you have no control over at the very moment. No, I’m talking about looking at your selfie and re-evaluating where you stand with Christ. Could you possibly change your environment, your lifestyle, your lover (for some of you lovers), your friends who may not reflect Christ in a way that pleases God.  

I’m not giving you permission to go and turn your life around drastically. No, I’m asking you to take a look at what you want your life to look like and if possible work at it. Rid yourself of the people and things that don’t belong. For some of you, purchasing a SELFIE STICK is necessary so that you can really see the big picture of your life. Will your selfie include Christ in every picture with a Kodak effect? Be encouraged because this is something to really think about. Does your selfie reflect the heart and mind of Christ? Think on these things my friends.

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