PRAYER: Lord there is no greater love like Yours. Walk with us, talk with us, and guide us. Send us reminders throughout our day that shouts GOD IS WITH YOU! 

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 41:10

As I begin to pour my heart out onto this page, I realize that none of it matters if I am not touching someone’s life. Being a blogger is tough work but ministering is even tougher. Some do blogging for fun and others do it to make money. I do it as a means to try to inspire and encourage. Yet, often times I’m not as sure to who I’m touching. You actually will never truly know. It seems if I write too much it’s not enough but if I write to little than it’s not enough. So today I am going to keep this brief. I briefly wanted to say to you today that GOD IS WITH YOU. 

There is nothing fancy about it. No long drawn out explanation. Simply know that whatever you are facing or whatever you are going through GOD IS WITH YOU. I pray that this brings your heart comfort during this holiday season. I pray that it touches the core of your being and inspires you to do great things here within the earth. You are not in this thing called life by yourself. You have a God who sees all and who knows all. Nothing is too hard for our God. Remain focused on Him and you will see that GOD IS WITH YOU!

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