PRAYER: Lord reveal to us what is causing our blessings to be blocked. Help us to reap a good harvest during the right season.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 6:7
I am very observant when it comes to certain people and things. I’m very protective naturally in my nature and as a part of my personality. I have this really huge problem though. I find it very hard for me to have mercy on others who hurt the ones that I love. I have to literally allow Christ to take over and take total and complete control of the situation or circumstance. I find it difficult because naturally I’m very lovable. So to watch someone purposefully destroy or try to sabotage that in whom my heart adores causes me to go from sweet, cuddly, and lovable to a soldier ready for war in a matter of seconds. As a woman, we naturally want what’s best for our family and friends. I have a hard time watching someone hurt because another person is being selfish, mean, rude, inconsiderate, or self-centered in their mannerism. I draw offense to such behavior. I find it immature and not at all godly.

My point is to pause for a minute to make sure that this isn’t the type of person you are displaying for others. Make sure that you are not the one operating in this manner. As a Christian you should be working towards being Christlike. Being Christlike means you are compassionate, empathetic, genuine, kind, thoughtful, and loving towards others. Your sole purpose and mission should not be to tear down people or make their lives a living hell. How would that make you feel if the shoe was on the other foot? Simply, think on these things. Stop playing the role of Ebenezer Scrooge in the life of others all year long.  There is a such thing called reaping what you sow. If you sow into the lives of others havoc then expect a harvest of havoc to come your way. Sowing is not just monetary. Sowing is how you reach out to others as well.  

Be mindful of those who try to destroy your happiness. Break away from people who’d rather see you miserable because they are miserable themselves. Watch out for those who thrive off of seeing you fail. What they fail to realize and where they lack in maturity is that when you fail, they too fail. They fail in producing the proper harvest for their season of prosperity. Don’t be so busy trying to hurt others that you end up hurting yourself. Be a blessing in the lives of others and be kind. There is so much more God has in store for you but He can’t give it to you if you keep BLOCKING YOUR OWN blessings. Repent where needed if you are the offender and forgive if you are the victim. No matter what don’t keep on BLOCKING YOUR OWN blessing.

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