PRAYER: Lord allow us to CHASE OUR DREAMS but further more allow our dreams to please You. Decrease us in the spotlight and increase Your glory in our lives.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 96:1

After watching the musical “The Wiz” last night LIVE on NBC, I found myself being in my feelings concerning Dorothy saying goodbye to her new friends. I had a little dust in my eyes. I have always liked music since I was a little girl and as an adolescent it was my dream to be a singer and be on Broadway. I’ve had my moment in the spotlight and let me tell you that fifteen minutes of fame is all it takes to let you know exactly which direction to take in life. You see singing was something I did for fun. I singed in the choir, I singed with my friends, and I singed in my room. My best vocal coach and lessons came from the best artist during that time Monica, Aaliyah, Brandy, Xscape, and the newest of them all Beyoncé. Singing was my passion and I couldn’t sing or hit a key to save my life. I sometimes listen and pull out those old tapes and the old tape recorder and shake my head when I realized that my mother and father were right in telling me that I could not sing.  Now they mute the t.v. to listen.

  My parents on the other hand knew something about me that I at the time didn’t know. They knew that if they told me no long enough that I would find a way to do it any ways. They understood my determination. Well I never had the opportunity of having vocal lessons (until I was an adult and really didn’t need it per my coach). My famous vocal coaches came from the CD’s I brought with my babysitting money. I grew up and worked with a studio in our local area who is now home based in Atlanta. I was in the local paper for a contest that was hosted at the church I was raised in. I had people wanting to be my manager and so much more. I had no background in the arts. Why? In my heart I know why and as an adult I see the path. O’ how I could take the path and create a name for myself if I so desired but there is so much more to being an artist than what people may realize. It’s both hard work, dedication, and sacrifice. In which I enjoy doing just not with singing. That is more my hobby.

I say all of this to empower and encourage every young and mature person to CHASE YOUR DREAMS. God has given each of us special gifts and talents. Some of them need special training and development. Some come naturally but cannot be perfected without practice on your character and integrity. Just because you are gifted in one area doesn’t mean you don’t need work in other areas. I encourage you to not hesitate on what you desire. For me singing is a gift that I have and I have always been taught to share when needed. I of course sing every day no different than I did with my vocal coaches (My CD’s) growing up because practice makes perfect.

 Could my vocal ability be as good if not better than some of the artist out here now? Absolutely! If I practiced as much as they did. But the point I’m trying to make is to follow your passion for yourself. Don’t let what others say and feel deter you from doing what it is that you are passionate about. Do it as a means of worship unto God. He is the real audience of one you are trying to please. But above all else please remember that with anything that you do you must plan, have a strategy, implement, and follow through with your gifts and talents. These are your passions and NO ONE is going to understand it or comprehend it better than you, let alone hand it to you. Be prepared to have the door slammed in your face. Be prepared for those to critique you and compare you to the Greats because all this just means is that YOU ARE GREAT in all that you do. You must do it from your heart and with wisdom. It will take a lot of sacrifice and hard work but you can do it!

 As for me I gave up the notion of being in the spotlight many years ago. Not out of fear, not out of what others thought about me, and have said about me. O’ heavens no. I gave up on the side of me that wanted to put self before God. I recognized in that fifteen minutes that I’d rather live and breathe God than be a moment without Him ever again. I decided that He is my number one biggest fan and if no one else hears my voice and my worship, as long as, I have the ability to speak and talk I will sing unto the Lord a new song. If asked to do it as an act of ministry and servitude my heart will gladly give Him praise and share with the world His glory. Meanwhile, I have other gifts and talents hidden and buried within that I desire to explore. You do to believe it or not. It’s up to you to find those hidden gifts and explore who you are just a little. Enjoy the mess ups and the mistakes. It’s all apart of the discovery. Find who you are in and through Christ and do it unto Him wholeheartedly. Find your support system and CHASE YOUR DREAMS. I’m chasing mine!

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