PRAYER: Lord allow our lives to slow down so that we don’t miss our turn. Please hear our humble cries and please don’t pass us by.


So often we are accustomed to doing our daily routine without a second thought. As I arose this morning I began to monitor my time. Scratching out in the back of my mind my daily things to do list, what is important and what is not. I realized that I’m doing quite a bit before I’m off headed to work. You may find yourself at times feeling great first thing in the morning but by lunch hour it’s time to refuel and recharge all over again. It came so natural to me that I didn’t recognize the affect it could possibly have on my body.

Creative people tend to be dreamers. This means we dream while we are awake. We put things into place where they can fit as if we are building a castle out of Lego’s. If not careful we lose out on the most important thing, sleep. Sleep is so important but where do you find the time to sleep? A few hours here or there is all that you may accomplish. What we fail to see is that a lack of sleep adds up and it adds up fast.

 It wasn’t until I was headed to campus after work that I decided I would stop and grab me some lunch before the bell rings. I happen to have been driving and checking off my things to do list in the back of my mind. As I was driving, I felt everything shift into slow motion as I literally passed my turn. This was an important turn that leads to the main road for the strip of restaurants. As I passed the turn I screamed out, “NO” in slow motion. It was as if life began to play again after I had missed my turn (now I drive this way faithfully so it’s nothing new for me). I was in total shock of what had happened. I had been thinking so much that I completely missed everything. I missed my turn. 

I encourage you today. DON’T MISS YOUR TURN. Don’t allow your life to become so hectic that you first don’t put Christ in the center of it all. Don’t get so overwhelmed that the simple things are forgotten. Don’t become so busy that you forget to hug and kiss the ones you love. Life is crazy, hectic, and chaotic but taking time out time is good for yourself and for others. It is self love and self-care. Remember DON’T MISS YOUR TURN because you didn’t take a moment to slow down.

As you can see God slowed everything down for me to get my undivided attention. If you find yourself in the same scenario possibly put on some good music and relax. Regroup and collect your thoughts so that you can better plan or further follow your plans. Recharge your battery so that your creative juices in your brain can flow again. So be encouraged, slow down, get into Gods presence, and whatever you do, DON’T MISS YOUR TURN! 

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