PRAYER: Lord during this season remind us that we are not stuck but that we are MAKING PROGRESS during the process. Help us to plan a strategy for the upcoming New Year.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 6:9

As I was sitting in my room listening to some good Christmas music, it hit me that this year must be different. I first sat in amazement that it was December already. Where did my year go? Why did my life fly by and I feel as if I have not gotten things done? I mean I am completely not done with the goals that I set out to do for my New Years Resolution. Here it is and New Years is here again and it’s as if my life never shifted. There will be times in life where you feel stuck. You feel like asking God, “What is truly going on up there?” Although we are taught not to question God you just can’t resist wondering where did my life seem to go wrong? At what point did it say I’m going to stay stuck in this season for what seems to be forever?God sees and feels your pain and He knows your fears. He sees your circumstances and He wants you to know that He is right here by your side. That it doesn’t matter this year what you have done or what you haven’t done. What matters most to God is, “What are you going to do?” Life has done a great number on you but are you going to allow it to sabotage everything you have, you’ve dreamed, and what you’ve worked for just because you feel there is no progress? We throw in the towel to quickly. There are times when we must think about our progress instead of how stuck we are. How much further along this year did you make it in comparison to last year? You’ve made a significant amount of progress, have you not? Now it’s time to recap and reflect, as well as, map out and plan a strategy all over again. 

I encourage you to not take feeling stuck as a terrible thing. Instead take it in as being apart of the process, apart of your growth into the upcoming New Year. Pray and ask God to help you where you need it most and trust that it’s already done for you. Don’t allow this season of your life to make you feel like being stuck is not apart of the progress. In fact, it is the most critical part of the process. It causes more patience and humility to pour from you than any other time during your season. So be encouraged knowing that God has a strategy and a master plan just for you. You are MAKING PROGRESS!

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