PRAYER: Lord help us to embrace changes that occur in our lives. Bless us as we embrace the changes.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Isaiah 43:19

God will sometimes do a new thing in you. Things that use to phase you won’t phase you any longer. You will find it easier to say how you feel and not take anyone being mad or defensive personally. You will begin to recognize that you are changing. Your body is changing, your life is changing, your mind is not the same mindset that it use to be. You are beginning to grow. 

You are growing deeper and further into your relationship with Christ and yet still feel like something is missing. Could it be that the very thing that is missing is you not pausing to recognize and embrace the changes that are occurring?  This is the beauty of life in which so often we are so busy that we miss it. I encourage you to think about the changes that are occurring in your life at this very moment whether good or bad, then embrace them. Troubles won’t last always. Eventually this too will change. So today be empowered and don’t miss out on embracing what’s in front of you.  EMBRACE CHANGE!

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