PRAYER: Lord when things seem to overwhelm us, let us remember that You will guide us through prayer. Remind us that all things are possible with You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Matthew 19:26

Lately, I find myself in over my head. You know trying to get everything done at one time, which often times leads to a natural disaster. You know the biting off more than you can chew. So I think to myself. What would Jesus do? I don’t know if I am being sarcastic in my question, out of obviously being overwhelmed, or if I am genuinely seeking to find a solution to my own endeavors. I finally did like everyone else, I put it down and chimed into the social media world. You know my outlet for my distress, therapy for us bloggers.

People may think that you have nothing else better to do with your life because that is how it may appear when in all actuality you simply need a break. A break from the demands of life itself. A break from the clutter that fills your desk, which is really your bed or couch but no one truly has to know. You simply want to feel normal for a split second. You know silence out the deadlines and the overwhelming joy of being consistent in all you do. Don’t tell me I’m out here on a limb by myself and in the mist of it all we are back to what would Jesus do?

When I get like this with the demands of taking care of everything that I am committed to I find the absolute best thing to do is to PRAY LIKE JESUS. Yes Jesus prayed until He bled “the blood of Jesus, ” (you so have to have a sense of humor right through there). He prayed to God asking Him to help Him during that hour. Often times, when I pause and do this everything in my life comes into order.

Prayer is one of the most effective tools when you have a lot to get done. It engages your focus and allows you to redirect what is important and necessary, your relationship with Christ. I encourage you to PRAY LIKE JESUS today. Well maybe not until you bleed the blood but PRAY LIKE JESUS until you feel the power of the blood. Jesus is with you every step of the way. Pray about it and allow the Holy Spirit to work. Stay empowered and PRAY LIKE JESUS.

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