PRAYER: Lord help my life to be a reflection of You. May others be blessed by the authentic side of me. Grant peace to those who need self-care.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 1 Peter 5:7

So as you all know, I didn’t post a blog yesterday. I simply took a little time out time to get back to my drawing board and see what it is that I could correct or master a little better. I found myself in the mist of God’s presence and I have realized that I am truthfully following Him every step of the way. Early that morning I arose and did a little of my social media business and headed to meet with my aunt. Our stomachs were a little hungry. We went to one of our local breakfast restaurants and we begin to chat about our visions, dreams, goals, and ideas. I began to explain to her my THANKSGIVING BLUES.

Here I was sitting here thinking that it was because of my personal circumstance but in all actuality I was not motivated. It’s as if I had lost my mojo juice. I mean completely zapped from within. Drained, tired, frustrated, mad, lips poked all the way out. I was just totally in my feelings with everything. I then realized that I had to let Jesus take the wheel of how I was feeling. As my aunt sat and encouraged me I realized that the way I felt was absolutely okay for that moment.

How often do we try to cover up and mask how we truly feel on the inside. We try to meet others expectations and live a life that Jesus himself couldn’t possibly bare. I had to simply press the pause button and deal with the issue at hand. I had the blues. Now the question was, why? Why did I feel how I felt within? I will tell you why. It’s because I am growing and maturing and the things I use to do, I simply don’t do them anymore. I had to then think about where was I headed? What was really troubling my heart? Well, for me it was financial security. I am so big on this and have been for some time now. I’m so frugile that frugile tells me to go buy something and yet I still refuse to do so. I had a fear within that was crippling my beautiful, bubbly, out-going, fun, and exciting personality. Can you believe it?

 We must reevaluate our lives and really pause for a brief minute to see what is truly troubling us. It’s not good for us to keep pressing and not do a self-evaluation. I had been pressing and pressing until finally I had a mini breakdown within. I felt so out of place when all I truly needed was to exercise self-care. Something that this culture does not practice a lot of. So finally once I assessed what was wrong and gave myself my own DSM-5 Diagnosis from my own imagination and creativity (don’t judge me), I had been diagnosed with the THANKSGIVING BLUES. It was so important that I overcame this feeling I couldn’t shake for two days. It was taking over my life and invading my personal space.

My aunt finally said something to me that sparked a light and opened the heavens. She said, “Niece what you envision and what you are doing right now is incredible, but it all takes time. While it is taking time to manifest you must have a game plan and keep working at it!” I mean now seriously, how many times have I heard this type of talk? All of the time! It was not until I started writing things down that I felt the burden of my THANKSGIVING BLUES completely lifted. I shifted from being totally bummed out to being super excited about what God was going to do in and through me. The ideas were never ending. Implementation in writing what I envisioned was the key to getting rid of my THANKSGIVING BLUES.

I say all of this to encourage you. I say it to tell you to take care of yourself both mentally and physically. Understand that God is with you if you would just be obedient to what He asks of you. Try not to make that which is so simple so difficult for yourself. Work diligently with your heart and mind stayed on Christ. Most importantly surround yourself with people who want to see you win. They understand that when you win then we all win. Well I hope this has blessed you today as much as it has blessed me. Be encouraged on your daily walk with Christ. Have a wonderful day and say goodbye THANKSGIVING BLUES.

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