PRAYER: Lord open our eyes that we may see the spiritual war that we are up against. Take away all fear and allow us to bring the peace and light of Christ upon the earth.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Ecclesiastes 3:8

We are living in a time that is globally devastating. We are seeing terrorist attacks overseas as we watch terrified at the innocent lives that have been snatched away from this earth senselessly. We wonder if God is going to pull our card next. Yet because we know deep within we are made of imperfections and need just a little more time to get it right or get in alignment with Him, we take His grace for granted on assumptions that yesterday’s grace hasn’t expired. We wait with anticipation on the next tragedy to occur as if it is some new trend. Truth be told this has been going on for centuries and now we are technologically savvy enough to have media 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Yet we sit in awe as if this is something new going on.  
Wars have always been and from the looks of it “peace on earth” is never going to happen, or is it? Our lives and circumstances are too flawed and we barely can have a casual conversation at a dinner table because the spirit of war raged through our own camps, excuse me, I mean our own homes. We are so blinded by the noise and the chaos that we don’t have time to bring peace into our own homes. We don’t have time to pause and bring peace to our own earth and our own atmosphere or environment. I’m convinced that America no longer loves. We are brainwashed unintentionally as the government works tirelessly to keep the war away. Yet we are exposed to it through social media, news, articles, journals, and blogs.
There is no way around living in havoc. In fact, some of us have become so accustomed to it that it is the norm for us now. It’s simply the way of living. Yet we forget the voice of the Lord, or do we? I don’t think that we forget His voice. I think that war is war. It’s loud and noisy, chaotic and smokey (foggy), it’s burning up everything that we possibly could think of in our lives, and to top it off we wage war in our own homes with our spouses, children, or roommates.

How can we hear the voice of God with the RAGING WAR? When will we sound the alarm, blow the shofar, verbalize our war cry? There is a serious spiritual battle going on and we are too carnal and caught up in our flesh that we fail to see it, acknowledge it, yet we succumb to it. We wait for the next holiday advertisement in hopes to have a little joy spark our carnal excitement. Yet again we fail to see that God needs real soldiers on the front line.  

So how can you be a soldier in the “Army of the Lord?” You first start by understanding that you are a child of God. You next begin by straightening the matters and the affairs of your own home, you next become a beacon of light to someone who has no ounce of hope because they don’t have what it is that you have, Jesus Christ. Next, continue to love and share your acts of kindness to others. In the spirit wear your camouflage but do know that you are on the enemies hit list and you are a target.

It takes prayer, fasting, spending more time with God to understand Gods strategies and His plans against the enemies terrorism in your life. You no longer have to stand for the attacks of the enemy in a society that exposes us to global wars. You just have to take a stand, get on the front line, and fight your way through depression, through anxiety, through false lies, through it all. You have more authority and power over your own camp then you think. It’s time to use both your power and authority.  In your world bring forth world peace. It’s time to put a final stop to the RAGING WAR that is coming against you and yours.

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