PRAYER: Lord give us gentle spirits so that we are able to do Your will in an effective way. Help us to be more sensitive to others time and feelings.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 4:4-5

Have you ever been told to do something rather than asked? How does it make you feel? Do you do it or do you politely correct them concerning the matter. God has given us the authority to operate in gentleness. When we tell others what to do (and we are not in position or authority to do so) it causes us to have an assertive or aggressive tone. This tone can be misunderstood or interpreted incorrectly, especially if you are not in a close relationship with the person you are speaking to. When you need someone to do something for you, it is polite to ask them, instead of telling them. You must be careful and kind about others schedules and times. 

You shouldn’t assume that just because you need something done right away that the person will or can get it done right away. Asking that person with a gentle and calm spirit will allow you both to be able to go further and possibly make arrangements for the next time. Being too assertive or aggressive could pose as an offense, rudeness, inconsideration, being impolite, and even being abusive. Although, this can be a tough pill to swallow, it doesn’t mean you have to swallow it alone. God is with you to help you be more like Him. He will help you with your gentleness and allow you to approach others with a more sensitive heart and mind. Ask God to help you in this area as you continue on your journey with Christ.

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