PRAYER: Lord allow us to reflect on the things we can change for the better in our lives. Take away stress and anxiety. Show us we are worth it as we relax and rest in You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 116:7

As you begin your day, start it off with a smile knowing that God is with you and has been with you all week. Take a few minutes to reflect on the things that you can change or arrange differently in your life. What are some things that will alleviate your stress? Could you have said or done things differently this week? Was your approach on life for the bad or for the good this week? What can you change within your day to day activities that would make your day more free. What took up your time that didn’t need to? 

All these are questions to think about.  Ask God to reveal your week to you in the areas that you could be stronger in. Ask Him about your weaknesses and how you can overcome that as well. Be sure to get plenty of rest and relax where needed because YOU ARE WORTH IT.  Make sure to do a fun activity as you enjoy your weekend.

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