PRAYER: Lord don’t let us get beat up by demons. Show us how to be intimate with you. Give us our power back and help our unbelief.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Acts 19:15-16

Have you ever looked up to or admired someone who was not for you? Do you often times find yourself standing and being alone? Do you wish that someone would for once be on your side and back you up when you feel like your world is falling apart? Let us begin with understanding the importance of knowing who the Holy Spirit is and knowing that it is always with you. 

When Jesus arose from the dead after His crucifixion He walked the earth for several days revisiting those who believed in Him before He was crucified. While visiting His disciples He told them that He must return and ascend home to His Heavenly Father. He promised them that He would send the Holy Spirit which would be their Comforter.  Jesus did as promised.  

Later on in the text their were the Sons of Sceva. Now they did not have a personal relationship or encounter with Christ for He had already ascended to His Heavenly Father. Paul at the time had a personal relationship. He went from Saul to Paul when Jesus questioned Him on the road. The Sons of Sceva took Paul for a joke in handling evil spirits and casting out demons.

Until one day they encountered a demon that questioned who they were, who they believed in, and their own doctrine. The Sons of Sceva tried to cast out the demon in the name of Jesus that Paul believes in because they didn’t believe in Jesus personally. Well long story short that demon beat them so bad (knocked the socks right off of them) that they received Jesus on that day!

The point is, don’t deny the teachings and the doctrine of Christ out of stubbornness, out of disregard, out of arrogance, out of ignorance, out of frustrations on account of what is shared with you from others. Humble your heart and ask the Holy Spirit to come in and help you to better understand. Get to know Jesus for yourself (Trinity: God-Father, Jesus-Son, and Holy Spirit-Comforter). Study the scriptures and do your own research.

Explore the word of God for yourself. Don’t let a demon (negative talk, unbelief, unwanted thoughts etc.) beat you so badly that you have no other choice but to believe in Jesus. Instead, walk in the authority that is given to you freely through having an intimate and personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Don’t get embarrassed by a demon beating you that you have the authority and the power to cast out (dismiss, get rid of, move forward from) on your own. You have far more power than you know just from remaining in relationship with Christ. Be encouraged knowing YOU’VE GOT THE POWER. 

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