PRAYER: Lord allow us to walk in the footsteps of our veterans, giving of our selves, making time, and an effort as needed. Please bless our lives for blessing others.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Acts 20:35

Today think about how much community service you do each week? How about each month or how about each year? If you said you don’t do any community service begin to consider giving your time. People are often taught that giving means you have to have money to place in a collection plate. This is not true. Giving can also involve your time, energy, and efforts. As we salute our veterans who have given their lives and sacrificed their family, begin to think of how they have served our country. Our country has been served from wars to natural disasters, each involving a veterans hard work in some kind of way.

Although serving doesn’t involve you having your own significant holiday like so, you can still partake in something bigger and greater than you. Helping out at your church, at a community organization, for your projects and fundraisers at work, even at your child’s school can all be ways of you making a difference in the lives of someone else. So take up the example of the veterans and live a life of giving. God sees and knows your heart and He will never let your sacrifice go unnoticed and unappreciated. He will find a way to bless you for giving of your time to others.


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