PRAYER: Lord allow us to chase after our hearts desires. Help us to not take our lives for granted but to be productive with our time.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 20:4

Today, take the time to arise with the gratitude of seeing another day. God did not allow you to arise without having a purpose and a plan for your life. Often times we allow life to overshadow us. It becomes to the point where we are no longer chasing after our hearts desires or even praying for our desires to be delivered to us. We are so caught up in the negatives that we forget the positives. We give up out of fear, out of lack, and out of boredom. Overall, life is too short to just let it pass you by. There is more to you than just going to work and paying bills. There is more to you than being a single parent. There is more to you than being that stay at home wife or mom/dad. 

God wants you to recognize that there is more to you! You must recognize that life is too and it is important that you do everything you can to explore and expand your horizons. Take time out to write down or meditate on what you like and desire to do, then go and do it. You are worth it. Like the quote says, “There are seven days in a week and SOMEDAY is not one of them” (Unknown). So get your drive back. Get motivated again. Get empowered and be inspired in chasing after your hearts desires. Trust and believe that you deserve whatever your heart may desire. Just don’t wait until SOMEDAY to get what it is that you desire. Begin today!

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