PRAYER: Lord allow us to see ourselves through Your eyes. Allow us to find our purpose through our gifts and abilities.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Romans 11:29

Have you ever spoken to someone about your gifts, goals, and dreams only to recognize your own abilities. So often we walk around with fear or some level of anxiety and not fully embracing our true and authentic self. Challenge yourself to see yourself the way God sees you. Take a moment to look through His eyes and see that you are fearfully and wonderfully made both outward and inward. Take a few minutes each day and think about your progress and the process.

 You are not here by accident. You were born for a purpose. There is so much more to you but if your mind continues to stay foggy about who you are then a few minutes alone with yourself will allow you to see more of you. You will begin to see that you are capable of being both gifted and talented at the same time. Talent doesn’t mean that you have to be famous or play an instrument. You could be gifted and talented in holding the family together. You could be gifted and talented in running an office smoothly. Either way, you are a gift to this world and a gift from God. EMBRACE EVERY MOMENT of it!

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