PRAYER: Lord we thank you for allowing us to see A NEW DAY! Bless the works of our hands and shift our atmospheres for the better.

VERSE OF THE DAY: 2 Corinthians 4:16

It is A NEW DAY! Let your yesterday’s fall behind you and let your day today be full of productivity. What are you doing today to stay on top of the goals and plans that you have? Have you written it out and made it plain? Have you given it any thought? Sometimes we become so occupied with life that we neglect to think about where we are going, what direction we are headed in, and who are we headed in that direction with. You may have had a little bumpy road yesterday but today doesn’t have to be the same way. Today can and will be different because you desire for it to be. You are in charge of shifting your own atmosphere. Don’t hesitate to do whatever it takes to reach your destination. Be encouraged and get to where you are going. Remember, today is A NEW DAY! 

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