PRAYER: Lord please let our lives be an act of worship that is pleasing and acceptable in Your sight. Please deliver us through our worship as You take us to a HIGHER LEVEL in You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 95:6
Worship is a wonderful way to get in tuned & in alignment with God. There are times where you will find yourself feeling low or maybe even feeling discouraged. Worship is a way that you commune with God. Here is where you meditate on His goodness, give thanks for His unconditional love, receive your blessings from God. Worship is not just the lifting up of hands to music that will submerge you and cause you to tap in but it is also a lifestyle. Whenever you greet your neighbor or are kind to your brothers and sisters in Christ that is an act of worship because you had to sacrifice something.

When we worship we sacrifice all of those not so good sins and toxins and we lay it before God and say, “Here Lord, help me deal with this. Consume it with your fire and your power”. When you live your life as a sacrifice unto the Lord that means you are pleasing to His nostrils. You produce a sweet aroma for Him when you sacrifice your time, efforts, and energy to do His will. It’s a daily process that no one gets over night, but like anything if you keep at it then eventually you will get it. So be encouraged as you take your worship to a HIGHER LEVEL in and through Him.

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