PRAYER: Lord allow us to be more like You. Allow us to do things in a timely and effective manner. Dismiss procrastination from our mist.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 13:4, Isaiah 64:8

How often do you say that you will get to it a little later? A few things come up and you still won’t get to it until later. Before you know it an entire week turns into months and months turn into years. You think back on when you said you would begin and you just got so busy that you never really got around to it. What if God was like this with our blessings? What if God was like this with our prayers? What if He just got around to it a little later when the one you love is on their death bed? What if God would take care of it a little later in sending you the money for your bill that is due? What if God was like we were always waiting to the last minute? 

Be forever grateful that God is not a God like this on any day. He doesn’t slumber nor sleep. He’s an on time God, yes He is! He shows up and He delivers in the nick of time. He is a miracle working God. He is loving towards His children. He gets things done not on our time but on His time. What a mighty God we serve. He is faithful towards us and never lets us down as long as it’s in alignment with His will for our lives. God is a phenomenal God.  We should look up to Him, desiring to be more and more like Him. Don’t take your God for granted. Instead give Him praise for Him being everything that He says He is. Continue to walk in His likeness as you strive to be more and more like Him.

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