PRAYER: Lord help us to keep Your instructions. Allow us to be obedient to what you have called us to. Help us in our areas of weakness that we may glorify You.

VERSE OF THE DAY: John 14:15, Proverbs 4:13

When God gives you clear and precise instructions it is very important that you adhere to them even if they don’t quite make sense to you. You must trust that God knows what He is doing and that He is using you to get what He needs to be done. God cares about how you feel but He wants and needs to know that He can rely and depend on you with the small things before He can bless you with the big things.

God loves you and desires for you to prosper in all of your ways. He also desires for you to adhere to His instructions in order to be prosperous. His instructions are not to bring you harm and danger but to protect you and cover you. Think about what God may have asked you to do. He may have asked you to pray more, fast a few hours longer, tithe or give more. Whatever God has instructed you to do adhere to it and see won’t He entrust you with more.

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