PRAYER: Lord You created the universe just for us. You have allowed us to explore and get to know You more. Show us Your love for us through the universe.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Genesis 1:26

There are no words that can ultimately describe the God of the universe and His love for us. There are no words that can describe how incredible our God is. God is simply indescribable, from creating the oceans and their sand to creating you. He knows every hair that is on your head and every cell that is within your body. He knows your unborn children and grandchildren’s names. God is a God who loves you and adores you. He created this earth for you to live in and to have dominion over. And although the times have changed, our God remains the same. Be blessed in all you do knowing that God loves you, you were born with a purpose and for a purpose. Everything He created was specifically for you. So be encouraged knowing that the God who loves you is the same God who created the seas and everything in it. He simply created an OCEAN OF LOVE just for you!

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