PRAYER: Lord allow us to be able to distinguish between our gifts & our anointing. Reveal to us when to share our gift and anointing with others.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Proverbs 18:16

Being gifted is having an ability to do something extraordinary that others may not be able to do at all or not quite as good without several hours of practice. There is a such thing as being gifted and anointed. Just because you are anointed by God and carry a gift doesn’t mean that you are fully ready to share your gift with the world. You can be anointed by God but there are things that you must work at, such as character, integrity, attitudes, and more. Being gifted means you may already be able to do something really good or a lot better than many.   Overall, it is important to be able to distinguish between the two. Are you anointed or are you gifted? Are you both? Take a few minutes to think about it and see which you are. Then ask yourself how can you use it to be a blessing to others? If it’s not ready or perfected in the manner you desire then how can you sharpen your gift so that it can be shared with the world? Remember also that there is a such thing as being premature in your gift and in your anointing.  Determine where you stand. Then ask God to take you higher in Him so that He may reveal to you what it is that you need. Be gifted and keep being anointed by God.

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