PRAYER: Lord allow us to be mindful that You still work miracles and that you have A STRATEGIC PLAN for our lives.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Jeremiah 29:11

How often do you wonder if you are losing your sanity? Hope and a future sounds good but how can this be when life has knocked the winds out of you? How do you begin all over again? How do you trust again? How is it possible that God has anything in store for you, you may ask? These are the silent cries that most of us deal with in private. These are what we face when we just cannot see a way out of something. The beauty of it all is that we serve a God who is a miracle worker.  

Although our hearts and minds, struggle with us making it to the other side to our promise, we must be mindful that God has everything under control. He not only has it under control for us but He has designed A STRATEGIC PLAN to get us over to the other side. God desires for us to have peace. He wants the plans that He has for us to come to pass, even if it means He has to work a miracle to get us to the other side. He desires to see good things spring forth for us. God doesn’t want to see you hurting, instead He wants to see you prospering. So be encouraged knowing that God has A STRATEGIC PLAN just for you!

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