PRAYER: Lord while we are rebuilding from disasters that have entered our lives continue to remind us that you are with us through the opposition.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Philippians 1:6

Have you ever had disaster strike your tent and leave you in a disarray? Have you ever felt so overwhelmed that you just wanted to give up? In the mist of all of the disaster, the calamity, and the noise that life seems to bring about, we still must find the time to start all over again and rebuild. There will become times when we are faced with great opposition. Opposition can be very difficult to withstand if not properly prepared. A few things we must be when faced with opposition is being prayerful, persistent, mindful, and fearless. In doing so, you create an atmosphere that intimidates opposition; opposition eventually  will have to flee from you. IT WON’T GET THE BEST OF YOU!  

We must remain confident in God during this time, knowing that He will see us through. The task of rebuilding may look bigger than you, maybe overwhelming, or altogether just entirely too much. It is during this time that we must remain persistent in our prayers and in doing the work it takes to rebuild our lives back together again. We must never give up. Be encouraged knowing that God put a great work inside of you and wants to help you until the end of completion. God has your back! Opposition may come your way while you are trying to rebuild but IT WON’T GET THE BEST OF YOU!  

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