PRAYER: Lord when natural disaster hits us and we CAN’T SAY A WORD please give us the strength to wave our hands and still give you praise.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 19:3,4

There will be times when we go through difficult situations in our lives that devastate us. It could be a family member is incarcerated, a death of a child or loved one, a devastating divorce, or the loss of a good paying job. There will be times when God will still require us to give Him the glory, honor, and the praise. It is through this praise that we are able to meet God and see about our situation. But, there are times when the situation is so devastating and overwhelming that we don’t have the strength to go and stand before God. It is in these times that God encourages us to view nature. He encourages us to see the beauty of it. He lets us know that while listening to the whistling of the trees and the wrestling of the autumn leaves that even the earth still speaks, although to the human ears their is silence. Gods ears still hears nature give Him praise even through natural disasters which are devastating to the earth.

So be encouraged today. Sometimes when you don’t have the words to say simply wave your hands. It is through this gesture that we will be saying, “God please come see about me, I’m still here giving you glory, honor, and praise even though I can’t find the words to say right now due to this natural disaster that has occurred in my life”. Remember that if God can see nature give Him praise through the rushing waters of a stream or river or the wrestling of the trees, then God can hear you when you CAN’T SAY A WORD but simply wave your hands. Be blessed and give God praise.

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