PRAYER: Lord allow us to embrace and enjoy the change from summer into this AUTUMN SEASON. Help us to pause and think about what we’d like to accomplish this season.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Galatians 6:9-10

As we each arise on this glorious morning, we are awakened with a turn of the season. Although we already heard the whistling of the winds and the wrestling of the leaves on the trees, it is officially safe to say that Autumn is here. Seasons are so important in our lives for they produce change, growth, and even account for our losses along the way. Be encouraged in your day to think about what your plans and goals are for this Autumn season. Will you be spending more time nestled up by the fireplace? Will you sip a nice hot cup of coffee or cocoa? Will you connect more with your family and friends? Will you be making arrangements for a special vacation during this AUTUMN SEASON?  

Think about what changes will come about this season in your life. What have you lost in last season that you may want to regain? Is it worth regaining? Who is no longer apart of your life maybe due to a misunderstanding or illness? What steps will you be taking to help you through this loss? Who is your support system during this AUTUMN SEASON? We all need a good support system in our lives. You are not alone. You don’t have to be. Connect with people and build new relationships that will make you smile. Autumn is officially here. Tis’ the season for the leaves to change and tis’ the season for you to change as well. Enjoy your AUTUMN SEASON!

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