PRAYER: Lord allow us to see that BEAUTY LIES WITHIN. Give us the maturity that is needed as we grow older with you. Grace us with ornaments of wisdom.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Song of Songs 4:7

Growing older can sometimes have its pros and cons. Beauty is no longer recognized by the loveliness and beauty of maturity. Instead, media tells this world you have to be under 30 in order to be considered beautiful. As you get older, which is daily, there will be times when you feel like your body is falling apart. There will be times that you simply can’t do the things that you use to. Beauty is more than tight and youthful looking skin, BEAUTY LIES WITHIN. Beauty comes from the heart it is engraved and etched into your soul and births forth wisdom and knowledge. You can be as young as a deer and as beautiful as a butterfly.

If you are immature and you don’t have a clear image of your own identity and self-worth than your beauty will begin to fade. What looked glamorous on the outside will not be so becoming on the inside. So it’s very important to grow and mature at your stage of development. You don’t have to be the perfect size or shape like the media portrays. You can simply be beautiful everyday that you grow older with God. “He sees your heart and not your outward appearance” (1 Samuel 16:7). So embrace your beauty, mature a little, and grow older with confidence in your age. Share your wisdom and knowledge with the youth of this world for BEAUTY LIES WITHIN. 

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