PRAYER: Lord You have equipped us with skills, hits, and talents. Allow us to explore them so that we may fulfill all of our plans and the DESIRES OF THE HEART!

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 20:4

We each have a purpose to fulfill while we are here on this earth. Some of us know exactly what it is and others of us are still searching. The beauty of it all is that God did not send us on this earth unequipped. Deep within our hearts there are things that we feel within that may pour forth out of us. Some are gifted in running a business with no educational training, some of us are artistic and can play a variety of instruments and sing, others of us are book smart genius’, some of us can create and make just about anything we put our hands to. 

We each have special gifts and talents. They flow from your heart within and create passions that some of us truly may never understand. These passions create purpose. These passions are the reason why we wake up so early in the morning to create a strategy and map out a plan. These strategies are the reason why we love what it is that we do.

These passions and purposes are our hearts desires. Some desires are more stronger than others. I encourage you this week to explore your heart. Find your desires. Play with your gifts and talents and have a little fun knowing that God created that just for you when He had you in mind. Enjoy the DESIRES OF THE HEART!

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