PRAYER:  Lord allow us to find peace in our hearts. Take away our stress. Let next week be far better than this week.

VERSE OF THE DAY: John 14:27

As the week winds down take a moment to reflect about how your week went. What was good? What was bad? What was ugly? Could you change it at that time? If not, can you change it at all. If your answer is yes you can change it, then make your changes accordingly. If your answer is no, that you can’t change it, then turn it over to God. Allow Him to do a greater work in and through you.  

Take the time to relax and be at peace with the things that you simply cannot change at the moment. There is no reason to carry stress throughout your weekend. I’m not saying be irresponsible. I’m simply saying take a load off if needed. Take some time out for yourself this weekend. Remember that God knows all and sees all and He knows the truth of every story, situation, and circumstance. He knew your highs and lows that you’ve had to encounter before your week was over with. So be encouraged and release your stress knowing that God has everything under control.

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