PRAYER: Lord you have us covered in the mist of the storm. Now, brighten our day and roll away the dark clouds that hover over our hearts.

VERSE OF THE DAY: Psalm 91:4

GOD HAS YOU COVERED! For most of you, these are all of the words that you need to hear.  Knowing, that God has your back every step of the way boosts ones confidence and heightens ones self-esteem. Knowing, that you have an almighty and all powerful God, who would take just a few seconds out of His busy schedule to come and see about us. It says so much about the God who loves us. No matter, how this life may turn your world upside down. No matter, how tough things may seem. No matter, how horrible things may look. No matter, how much the rain pours down your way. Remember, in your heart that GOD HAS YOU COVERED!

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